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"I have known and worked with Shelly for many years.  I have great faith in her abilities.  Her clarity is great, she knows what she is saying and it’s always true.  I recommend her to you."

Velvalee Campbell
Spiritual Teacher

"Shelly,  I have known and worked with you since 1994. Your assistance to me has always been consistent and transformational on numerous subjects and occasions from personal relationships and child rearing to deeply accurate business information. 

I recall asking you to make several trips to Santa Monica to assess a real estate deal I was desiring to enter into where I would be committing to signing a lease and opening a retail store.  Each time you sorted out the reasons why this deal would be detrimental to me and strongly advised against it.  Unfortunately, at the time, I was too caught up in the endeavor to heed your warnings, thus creating a very unfortunate business setback.

Another time I called you to evaluate a possible business partnership I was considering.  You pointed out that my potential partners were out of integrity, and, though I was unable to see it at the time, I did elect to move slowly until the violation revealed itself, as you said it would.  Happily, I avoided what would have been a disastrous situation. 

You were able use your intuitive skills to advise me to secure a condominium in Honolulu two years in advance of my daughter’s decision to leave Colorado and attend school in Hawaii.  The condo, as it turned out, was in the ideal location for her school, her activities, and the friends she was yet to meet.  We would otherwise have been living on the North Shore, an hour commute each way from where we needed to be, and this changed our lives dramatically for the better.

Thank you, Shelly, for always elevating my perspective that has allowed me to make more peaceful and harmonious choices in my personal and business life.  I am grateful for your guidance and your sincere friendship."

Scott Swartz
Honolulu, Hawaii

"Shelly is truly gifted and authentic, and she has earned my trust as one of the few intuitives that I see. In my experience, her readings have been accurate and enlightening. She is able to provide a perspective different than others which I really appreciate. The level of detail that she sees and provides for me is amazing. I highly recommend Shelly to anyone seeking intuitive guidance about what is happening in their life now, and in the future."
                                                                                                                                                                David W.

"Shelly J. Miller is a talented Intuitive and Medium.  I have witnessed her work on several occasions including a few appointments for both myself and my husband.  She has also excelled at sampler readings for business mixers and healing event.  In my readings, Shelly has had uncanny accuracy in describing current and future situations.  She has connected with my mom twice and brought through much needed messages.  With my husband, Shelly brought through his grandfather and great grandmother with advice for handling family situations and messages of love.  She has also accurately intuited current activities and predicted future events for him.  As you can tell, I am a fan of Shelly’s and highly recommend her as an Intuitive and a Medium."

                                                                                                                      Tammy D., Mission Viejo, CA

"I have experienced a great many “intuitive” individuals over the years. Some people call this going to a channel or psychic. Though I too have some highly intuitive abilities and can do this for others at times, when it comes to my own life I know I am often too close to it, and it helps to have the help of someone outside of the situation who can, if nothing else, validate what I’m experiencing. And I’ve also experienced some who are not very good or have an agenda, and that has been hurtful, so I am very particular now about who I allow to read for me.

Shelly, from the moment I met her, is the real deal. Authentic, vulnerable, compassionate and generous as a person, her readings reflect these qualities. I can remember one experience in particular where she had the courage to tell me what I was about to go through, (which of course was not fun to share):

“You will get to the hotel with no money in your pocket to check in, bags sitting there at the curb, and yet somehow the manager of the hotel will let you in and allow you to buy time. I see this “fence up” with your parents, a choice they have made to put the wall up and they will say “no” to helping you, and yet somehow miraculously the help will arrive. This experience is one that will inspire others and help them to keep the faith as you are doing, and you are not only going to be okay, but this will be the turning point.”

Well, it happened just like that. And the owner of hotel did let me stay and kept allowing me to buy time as they knew me from staying there before, and it was his contribution to the project I do for teens.

There are other stories since then, but this was a time I will always remember the most as I was on the edge of homeless again, gambling all my chips on the dream, and Shelly, someone I had just met through a mutual acquaintance, jumped right in to help me with amazing accuracy and helped me through some of my most difficult crossroads.

Thank you Shelly, and may others be as blessed as I have been by your work!"

Barbara Hughes

"My interaction with Shelly was in a small group format of 3 of us. We sat next to her when it was our turn so she could connect with us individually. Shelly has a very warm presence and non judgmental. Being exposed and vulnerable to someone who can see and feel things about you can be intimidating and Shelly has a way of putting you at ease. I came to Shelly for direction and fulfillment in my current situation. I was feeling un-satisfied with my current job, finances and had questions about my future. I did not mention any of these things to Shelly. As she began she told me things that were spot on for who I am. In terms of how I handle situations and what has manifested for me.  She then walked me through how I can change the direction, and my thought process. Shelly helped me become aware of situations I was subconsciously creating for fulfillment in my everyday life. She gave me advice not only on my current job, finances and life in general but was able to help me to see what it is that I need to work on to move forward and feel fulfilled. I will be seeing Shelly again in the future and highly recommend her to anyone who may want to communicate with a loved one, connect to Angels/guides or simply have questions about their past, present or future."



Your help is priceless. I would like to share my experience with Shelly’s reading regarding my husband who had a boat accident under hurricane weather just over a year ago. Ever since that tragic event, I had been wondering about his soul and how he’d been doing after. And my life has been dramatically changing and I was seeking advice or suggestion for my next step in life. I was so fortunate that I met Shelly. She was compassionate, her reading was accurate and made a lot of sense, and she gave me clear suggestions.

Before Shelly started reading she gave a prayer first to clear up the chaotic energy around me and to connect to the highest. Shelly’s reading about the past relationship with my husband was accurate, and she read that my husband was tough and had been changing since he passed, to be more kind and loving and how she was seeing that he is always around me and trying to help me as much as he can.
Actually, I have been somewhat feeling him around me in love and peace, even though I have still have been in grief from his loss. So Shelly’s reading made sense to me and made me break into tears. She also surprisingly brought up about the relationship between my husband and his Dad who passed away 7 years ago. She read that my husband had lived with a “Cork” in his heart. She told me that their difficult relationship was carried over from old Eastern Europe. This was accurate because my husband’s father was from Eastern Europe and it was my understanding about their difficult relationship that, after his Dad’s passing, left my husband a heartache and it extended to the whole family to feel their anger and sadness. But, as Shelly’s reading confirmed, now the emotional block, (which the Cork represented) had gone. She said they finally reconciled with each other on the other side. 

After her reading, this particular matter came back to my head over and over. Then, 4 days later, I woke up in the morning thinking about the Cork again. After I prayed for the harmonious relationship, I stepped out to the backyard as my daily routine. Then what did I see? A Cork! A Cork was lying in the middle of the yard. There was nothing there yesterday. I started to laugh. I knew this kind of demonstration was something that my husband would love to do. He must be wanting to make sure that I know he is free from emotional turmoil. I shouted “Thank you!” to him. I was so happy. It was such a meaningful demonstration. 

Now I feel connected with my loving husband more than ever. And I can believe strongly that his spirit is alive and loving and protecting the whole family. Shelly also made sure to tell me about being in a transition time in my life, (yes I am!) and gave me advice to take extra good care of myself and be ready for my fantastic future, (sorry, I’d like to keep what she told me to myself ) Now I can see my life’s path clearer to move on with a positive outlook. Shelly, truly you have a special gift. Thank you for helping me!

                                                                                                                                                    Masako Kardos


I’m just writing to say you are amazing. I came to you because I had been feeling stuck and depressed for years. I had not been able to figure out how to move forward with my dream of working with animals. In five minutes you were able to zero in on the issue that was holding me back and find the root cause issuing from a difficult relationship from the past with my Dad. You quickly told how to shift it and move forward. In five minutes you did what three years of therapy had not been able to do.

Bless You,
Carla P.

You and I have experienced an extra special spiritual connection and
openness with one another in our two times together - beautiful closeness
that is warm and comforting.  You read me perfectly and incredibly both
times.  Amazing.

In Saturday's reading you said you saw me in a boat on rough water.  I was
holding what we called a periscope which was set on one spot and "one
direction."  You saw me as spiritual.  I explained to you that I had
experienced an intense depression (choppy waters) and as a result of much
prayer my faith in God has grown.  My eyes are set in "one direction"; my
eyes are set on God; I am in His presence.

All things happen the way they are meant to happen so I guess my grandson
Jonathan (who has crossed) was not meant to be with us in the room longer
than he was, due to time constraints during your reading of me Saturday;
but, the loving energy in the room shifted dramatically while he was with
us, attested to by the other participants.  Beloved Grandson Jonathan came
through in the reading and you said he also had a periscope in his hands.
His and my periscopes were looking at each other.  I explained to you that
he and I have a special connection.  Jonathan has sent me many intense
messages of love from the other side which has helped me in healing of his
death.  Our energies (my prayers and his messages from the other side) are
directed at one another.  You, Shelly, said:  "It was a gift to me [you,
Shelly] that your Grandson came to talk to you through me.  His energy
filled my body and his love for you was so intense I had to work very hard
to not weep and get lost completely in the experience.  Mediumship like
that is so amazing to be a part of."  Shelly, you told me many other things,
too lengthy to mention here and some involving other people, too personal
to mention here.

The first time I was with you, you were talking of your mother.  I said my
mother and I were not as close as you and your mother.  My mother came
from the other side, through you, and adamantly corrected my statement.
You said I have a thin veil which is true.  You asked who had the liver
problem.  I was at the time experiencing fear and terror because I had had
a liver blood test ordered by my oncologist, which showed a liver problem.
 One month later (during which time I laid awake nights in fear and
praying) my second liver test came back clear.  The problem was caused by
too much Tylenol.  My relatives, especially my mother, "on the other side"
advised you to tell me to relax and I would rise above it all.  You asked
if I walk, which I do every day, and they were advising me, through you,
to lighten up, enjoy my walks and have an ice cream cone.  During that
month of fear and terror, my closeness to and faith in God grew
exponentially.  I realize He will be with me even in the most fearful of

Dianne Christianson