Questions and Answers

Psychic, Medium, Akashic Records,

Transformational Life Coach

What should I expect from my reading?

Each reading I do is very different because it is specific to you as an individual.  I always ask Spirit to come through and direct so that you always receive what you most need to know at the time. Information may come about the questions you are seeking answers to and, in addition, there may be guidance that surprises you by bringing insight and direction that enlightens and heals in a way you didn’t expect. Sometimes loved ones that have passed come to assist you.  Other times, the reading is focused specifically about a personal or business issue that needs resolve.

In addition, you can expect to feel loved and supported by me.  I read without judgement and I provide a safe haven for even difficult issues to come to the surface so that they may be healed.  My intention is to assist you to greater clarity, love, forgiveness, peace and transformation.

Do I need to provide any personal information beforehand?

Please provide me with your first name.​

How do I schedule a reading with you?

​Please refer to the Contact page to schedule an appointment. Please be sure to include your correct phone number.​

How can I prepare for our reading?

I encourage you to bring in your questions as I always do my best to get them answered.  I also encourage you to record your session either by taking notes or making an audio or video recording.  It is so important to be able to refer back to what was said. I recommend that you download a voice recording application such as ITalk before your reading.

You may record audio or video as long as you understand and agree that it is intended solely for your personal use and may not be reproduced or distributed for profit or media purposes. 

The next step is also very important in preparation for your reading and that is to quiet your mind, open your heart, and invite Spirit in.

Will you be able to tell my future?

Readings can be a mixture of past, present and future depending upon the information that is most necessary for you to know now.  Please keep in mind that what you choose to do with the information you receive is the key to what happens in your life and that is up to you. 

Do you do readings in person?

I do readings in person, on the phone, and by Skype.  'I also do Group Readings, Personal Coaching and Business Advisory.  I am available for Speaking Engagements, Audience Demonstrations for your club, corporation, foundation and fundraisers.

Please refer to the Contact page to schedule a reading with me and note that travel expenses may apply.