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Transformational Life Coach

Shelly J. Miller

Transformational Coaching

Transformational Coaching with Shelly J. Miller

Learn to become the happiest, most successful, most peaceful version of yourself. I am an expert at identifying your strengths, as well as releasing limiting patterns of thought and belief systems that are keeping you from living the life you deserve.  I use my Intuitive and Medium-ship abilities, as well as my advanced knowledge of spiritual principles to propel you forward to an experience of greater grace, ease and flow with more love, peace, abundance and joy.

I call myself a Transformational Coach because my clients realize profound lasting change in all areas of their lives.  Everything happens in our minds.  The world we experience is actually a series of thoughts in our minds projected outwardly.  The world we experience as real is actually an illusion.  We are eternal Spirit, having a serial dream of the cycle of death and rebirth.  In our human experience of the illusion of the separation from God, our Source, we feel the pain and loss of the experience of unconditional love, eternal peace and the absence of lack.  We strive to manifest things, relationships, money and career in an effort to find our happiness outwardly.  The truth is that happiness is an inside job and a choice that you can learn to make.  With the proper Spiritual Guidance, you can learn to connect with Spirit, that which you truly are, and replace the egoic self with your Divine Presence.  It’s a matter of learning how to come into alignment.

I am A Course in Miracles student and utilize the advanced spiritual teachings of the Course to assist you to become aware of your thoughts and feelings, get in charge of your energy and shift your consciousness permanently. When you come into alignment with your Divine nature, you will experience lasting change for the positive that will be reflected outwardly in your daily life.  Your relationship with yourself and others will become harmonious and I will teach you how to lean on the Source of Unlimited Supply, learn the proper use of the Law of Attraction as well as other Spiritual Laws, and access the abundance that is your Divine birthright.  I will empower you to tap into your own intuition and Spiritual Guidance so that you have a skill set with which you will be able to make sound choices on your own.  

All Transformational Coaching Clients begin with a 1 Hour Private Reading so I can access your personal information and see what patterns are working for and against you.  We will then mutually agree to a coaching schedule wherein we work together for an extended period of time to create lasting positive change.  Your life in the illusion can become “the Happy Dream”.  I will show you how to “remove the blocks to the awareness of Love’s presence” and discover the miraculous and inspired life that awaits within you.