If you will discipline yourself to be present today, all day, you will begin to be aware of opportunities of all kinds happening right in front of you. These are opportunities for forgiveness and healing; for a kindness being offered or the opportunity to offer a kindness, as well as hints of which direction to take to resolve questions and dilemmas. 

Life unfolds in the ever present now. When you become a mindful observer you begin to see that your questions are getting answered and your way is being revealed. Sometimes clarity comes from something obvious, but most often the clues are subtle like subtext and it is up to you to put it all together.  

 A great practice is to become a witness to what is happening everyday rather than to be so immersed in "life as usual" that you fail to observe what has transpired in your day as clues in a movie. Pay attention to the questions you are looking for guidance for and contemplate what happened in your day.  A conversation, a tv show that you were drawn to watch with subject matter that speaks to you, a thought that crossed your mind, a bumper sticker with a message on a car that pulled in front of you, a song that jumped out at you, a magazine that was left at the place where you buy your coffee. If you've asked, you are being answered,  but Spirit is relevatory by nature. By being present in the now you will become aware that the answers you seek are right in front of you. Be daring and release your over active logical mind and your skepticism that what is unfolding before you is not related. 

Start each day by putting Holy Spirit in charge and do your part by paying attention to all things large and small. Make it a habit to recount your day so that you become an expert at identifying the threads that are unfolding to move you in the right direction.  Here is the truth. We often seek for answers that are concrete, a new job, a new love, a new city to move to. Often guidance moves us into situations where our growth can occur by learning lessons that allow us to remove the blocks that keep us from our good and our happiness . Contrary to popular belief, we don't generally really know what's really good for us or what we truly need. There's a Rolling Stones song that says " You can't always get what you want, but you get what you need." If you are willing to switch from object consciousness to spiritual growth you will find yourself being guided to a happier more peaceful life, and you will ultimately get to where you truly want to be. Even if the answer is different than what you originally were striving for. 

Trust. Be here now and be present. Stay in your heart and become an observer. Be willing to grow and take action when you are moved to follow your hunches, your intuition and perhaps most importantly, your heart. 
In this moment now, and the next moment that follows are the clues, direction and revelations you are praying for. Go forward each day moment to moment in love and trust.

With love and blessings. 

Take a day at a time. A moment by moment by moment.

When you're stressed, grieving, feeling lost; remembering to get in the "moment" is the best practice to get into in life because living in the past is generally about thoughts of regret, how we could have done something better or how we wish there had been a better outcome. Similarly, projecting into the future to escape a painful now brings up fear and uncertainty. Either way, not living in the present moment robs us of our peace and our ability to see clearly the opportunities that are happening in our now. Be advised that what is happening now is the key to our tomorrow. 

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March 2020 Forecast
Mercury Retrograde is Over!
Time to Move Forward…

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What does it mean to love yourself and love others?  It means to forgive yourself and forgive others.  If we feel abandoned we must first look to see where we have abandoned ourselves.  We judge ourselves so harshly- not good enough, made mistakes, too fat, unworthy of being loved or afraid we won’t be loved.  We forget that what we truly are is the same as that which created us, namely, perfect love without condition.  When we lose our peace and lose our way we have let ego and judgment run us.

To love another we must first seek to see ourselves with kindness.  We must also see that others are run by their own pain and act accordingly.  Jesus says in A Course in Miracles that there is “love or a cry for love”.  That is all we will ever see.  There 
is fear and love and love is the only thing that is real.  Life and love is just one forgiveness opportunity after another so embrace it.  Fear can only temporarily block the sun that is always shining.  Love is the answer.

With Love,



The Power & Comfort of Mediumship


Years ago I was staying with my friend Andrea at her home in Hawaii.  It was around 11:30 at night and I was sitting alone on the wicker sofa in her living room because I was the only one in the house who had not gone to bed.  All of a sudden the couch shook as if it had been shoved.  I looked behind me and there stood a man in spirit looking at me.  He was about 5’ 10”tall with dark hair and Guamese features.  I could see him clearly in the room even though he appeared in a softly shimmering palette of light.  With a clear voice he asked, “Can you see me”?  I said “yes”.  He told me he was Andrea’s father who had passed away 5 years ago and he asked me if I would deliver a message.  He wanted to speak with his friend Little Joe who, along with Andrea’s mother, was visiting from Guam.  I told him I would deliver his message and he indicated he would give the message the next day before his wife and Little Joe returned to Guam.


The next day, he appeared standing behind his wife as we all sat around Andrea’s big oval dining table having lunch.  He asked that I give Little Joe the message immediately after lunch before they left for the airport.  I assured him that I would, even though I had no idea how Little Joe would receive the news of a message from his departed friend.  Lunch was finally over and I took Little Joe aside and asked him if he would follow me to the garden to receive a message from Harry, Andrea’s father.  He was a bit shocked but agreed.  Little Joe and I sat across from each other in Adirondack chairs.  Harry appeared in my head as most mediumship sessions go, and he began to speak.  He gave a very powerful message of thanks to Little Joe for having been his friend and Houseman for many years and for the care he was still giving to Harry’s wife.  Little Joe was stunned but deeply touched and left for the airport a changed man.


Andrea and I were sitting in the garden a few hours later when her father once again showed himself to me in my head and began to speak.  I told Andrea her Dad had a message for her and I began to share information that seemed nonsensical to me, but had Andrea knowing for certain that she was hearing from her beloved Dad.  He talked about a dollhouse that belonged to her sister as a child and many things I had no understanding of.  Then he told about a traumatic event that would happen in the month ahead to one of her sister’s children.  The young man would be going to jail for a short period of time, but Harry gave instructions as to how the event would play out and who to contact for help.  Andrea was grateful for her Dad’s help and, after hearing more personal details for herself and other family members, went to call her sister to let her know their Dad had come through to me and knew what was happening in their lives and was helping all of them.

About 3 weeks passed and Andrea’s sister Mel came to visit from New Zealand.  I delivered many personal messages from Spirit to her and we talked about the visit from her Dad.  Time passed and I was housesitting close to Andrea’s when the phone rang.  It was Mel calling from New Zealand and she said, in an excited tone, that her father had been communicating with her, Andrea and another brother and sister.  She told me that the phone had rung numerous times at the same time in Guam, Hawaii and New Zealand and there was no one on the end of the phone when any of them answered.  They knew it was their Dad calling and Mel was calling me to see if I was getting messages from Harry for them! 


Harry communicated “family style” on two other occasions with me and delivered messages of help and comfort for the entire family. Harry changed to lives of Little Joe, his wife and his children and grandchildren.  They knew conclusively that we do not die, but live on even when our body is laid aside in apparent death. I will be forever grateful to Harry and his family for the role I played as a medium to bring this to pass.  This is one of my favorite stories of the power of mediumship to unite families in love that never ends.  

Love is the Answer . . .

Mercury Retrograde was over March 10th, 2020.  You may have experienced the usual Mercury Retrograde symptoms with breakdowns in communication, difficulties and even blow ups in relationships, and the seeming inability to forge ahead.  That time is over and we can now move forward.

 Mercury Retrograde allows us to look deeply into the old and see if it is time to let go of old patterns, relationships, jobs, living spaces.  We get to take a look, move back over for a second look, and then make decisions about what is a better fit for us now and in the future.

In the month of March your relationships that looked like they were spitting apart may reconcile.  There will be more clarity between you as you move forward on a higher road together in greater alignment with what is best for both of you. If it was time to let go, then there are new opportunities on the horizon.

 This is a time of making deep soul choices.  You may have left a job in search of a better life, and you’re now more aware of what is important to you.  Figuring out the next step for your life’s purpose will most likely be at the top of your list. 

There is an awakening for many during what seems to be global uncertainty, so remember to stay focused in the Now knowing that kindness and a peaceful heart will allow you to follow your intuition that will always guide you perfectly.