Welcome, I am Shelly J. Miller. Psychic, Medium, Akashic Record, (Past Life) Reader, Transformational Life Coach and Spiritual Teacher of A Course in Miracles.  I have had my Spiritual abilities since birth, and have been Reading and Coaching for 30 years.  I read at the Mastery Level and have become known for delivering deeply accurate and detailed Guidance on any subject or issue. I am an Expert at reading energy and can help you identify and release your blocks thereby leading you to a positive outcome in all areas of your life. I will give you the skills to become aligned with the Divine, Your Eternal Spirit, so your life becomes one of effortless flow with the Universe.  You will always come away with clarity, clear direction and peace of mind. Spirit always know exactly what you need. See below for a list of Services.

 In the course of a lifetime, there can be one conversation, one pivotal moment that sparks an idea that takes you from lack consciousness to living your dreams on purpose.  A conversation with Spirit that melts away pain and fear carried for lifetimes, a conversation that may connect you with cherished loved ones who have passed. A meeting with Spirit Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters in other dimensions who love you and know you so well, their insight and wisdom brings you the clarity you’ve been asking for.  You have asked and you are answered.  Your God Self has called the meeting.  Come and have a conversation with Spirit that will bring you the love peace and joy that is waiting within you.  We’re glad you’ve come.


In Psychic Readings I access and read your information and that of those you are connected to by reading your Holographic information past, present, future.  Bring all your questions as I always get them answered.  Personal issues, relationships, family, children, business and career, health, relocating, life path, and personal and spiritual growth.  There is no silly question.  If you are looking for clarity, direction or to understand the dynamics of any situation, personal or business, a Psychic Reading will help you.

 As a Medium, I not only bring you messages from your Loved Ones and Spirit Guides on the Other Side, but, my unusual gift makes it possible to provide you interactive full conversations with your friends and family as if they were sitting in the room with you. Mediumship Readings can also provide you with answers and Guidance from Loved Ones as well as Spirit Guides, Angel and Ascended Masters.  Connecting up will give you opportunities for healing, and amazing insight from the Other Side as they know you so well and know just what to tell you to help you the most from their expanded point of view. They are so very happy to make a love connection with you.  Please be open to who comes forward for you as I can ask for people by name, but am not able to “dial direct” and promise who will come.  Rest assured, others you know, or even relatives many generations back or whom you may have  never met, will come through with fantastic assistance for you. They work together in the non-physical realms to bring guidance on your past, present and future.  Mediumship readings are a very beautiful experience.

 Akashic Records Readings are Past Life information about your past lives that are pertinent today but will give you understanding as to why you draw certain people and circumstances into your life.  You will find where old fear, anxiety and hurt is stored and I will help you release it thereby freeing your subconscious so you experience relief and new found peace.  Past Life Readings are excellent for understanding relationships, health issues and often what your calling is that you may feel hesitant or unsure to claim in your present life.  I always hear, “Oh now this all makes perfect sense!” from my clients after a Past Life Reading. You will at last be able to put the puzzle pieces together of so many things!  Many children are remembering their last lifetime and shocking their parents who are usually at a loss to help their children process and benefit from this information.  Parents benefit greatly from learning who their “children” were before.  It is a tremendous gift to understand your old soul in their new body and learn how to help them release stored subconscious memory that they don’t understand how to deal with.  I have helped many kind but perplexed parents understand how to Guide their children in a way they would never be able to understand without this information.

 A Parent/Child Reading for you about your children can include Past Life information, but you may need Guidance with what your child either struggles with or is gifted at and is to share in this lifetime.  Spirit will bring you the wisdom you need to help yourself and your child to peaceful communication and cooperation no matter what the situation.  A Reading of this sort will also show you what they are teaching you!  I do read young people of all ages on their own in a Private Reading and the kids are so aligned, they love this so much and benefit greatly from connecting with Spirit.  Children are moved, touched, strengthened and supported by a connection whether it is through Mediumship, Psychic, Akashic Records of Spiritual Coaching.  They often find relief through the sense of being mentored by someone who knows them deeply.  Keep in mind, that it is their God Self who has called them to a Reading. 

 Combination Reading is usually what I recommend if you are open to and interested in receiving assistance through some or all of my abilities.  Your combination Reading could begin with Mediumship where you connect with family and friends or your Spirit Team, Angels and Masters on the Other Side.  We could then use my Psychic ability to answer some questions and perhaps tap into a Past Life to bring a fresh perspective to an issue or relationship.  I do ask that you bring all of your questions to any reading you choose as I do get them answered in a variety of ways.  You can be certain that you will get what you most need to hear at the time of your reading no matter what form of Reading or Coaching Session you choose.  The reason why is, that your Higher or God Self has called the meeting and your team in Spirit knows you will be connecting.  I always let Spirit lead the way.  You have already been heard and answered by the time we come together.

Spiritual Transformational Coaching

Spiritual Transformational Coaching is for you if you have determined that you would like to work with me over time to move towards your Spiritual Awakening by releasing blocks of fear and limited thinking and embracing Love by coming into awareness as yourself as Divine Presence.  It sounds advanced, but you can start anywhere you are right now with the focus of using Spiritual Principles to achieve lasting inner peace and the experience of unconditional love and joy that exist within you even now.  I am a Teacher of A Course In Miracles, the Teachings of Jesus, laid out to retrain and heal the Mind from ego to the remembrance of ourselves and our brothers as Spirit that lives eternally.  Coaching will help you with any issues you have that you would like to understand and heal.  All healing is essentially the release from fear. Working together over time allows you to forgive yourself and others and align yourself with the Source so your life becomes one of effortless flow with the Universe.  Happiness that lasts is the goal and will eventuate into enlightenment and the release from the illusory cycle of birth, death and rebirth as you find Home within you.  Please see the Coaching Page for more information.

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